Company JAR-MAT is a family company, whose origins date back to the 70 -‘s. Initially, as one of the first we dealt with production of kitchen furniture, room furniture and garden furniture of solid wood. Then the company expanded its production by rubbing wood in his own sawmill, manufacturing garden houses and residential houses. Our company is constantly developing not only technological base, thereby improving the quality of our products. We also invest in human capital so called Human Resources currently employs close to 30 employees. Our products find their followers not only in domestic market but also overseas. We built houses in many European countries (Italy, Belgium, Ireland, the Netherlands and France) and Asia (Japan).

We offer houses in the wood-frame technology (Canadian) as well as traditional logs mounted on the qouin bonding jam. Each order is treated the individual, which is why our products distinguished by quality, precision and above all a great look.

Projects of Company JAR-MAT are a combination of many years of experience with modern solutions – our offer is addressed to the most demanding customers. Our wooden houses are made from carefully selected, properly kiln-dried raw material (guarantee to get rid of germs, no odor after a few years of use, durability).

Wooden houses is the perfect solution for people who appreciate: 

  • nature and ecology
  • unique look and feel
  • their own health, the wooden planks are the healthiest available building material
  • low cost of heating houses – wood has excellent thermal insulation
  • their time and money because wooden houses are characterized by fast delivery and relatively much lower cost of construction

Our company is not only houses of wood. We also offer complete equipment for guesthouses, restaurants or taverns.


J.A.B.P. Matyasik

In our offer

In our offer you will find a large selection of year-round houses, holiday homes and cottages garden. We also offer garden sheds, garden furniture. In addition, we recommend woodwork and lumber (lining board, computer drying lumber, wood flooring, edged and unedged timber).

Special offer includes pine furniture. In this product group are: chair classic, classic beds, bedside cabinets, dressers classic, wardrobe classic, waxed furniture. Sets of waxed pine furniture is a collection of true colonial furniture, modeled on the Spanish of the sixteenth century. The furniture is made of pine wood, hand waxed, natural wax based on beeswax. Complemented by numerous of aging and also hand-forged and rusted fittings. This furniture hit the market and are best-selling type of style furniture. Sets are made in four colors: waxed, colorless, alder and oak. Sets are made in all sizes.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.

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