Meet the Team

With years upon years of experience in taking care of skin health and skin care for women, our team is the best!

Starting with Mary Fruition and Emily Nichols, all the way to Emily Grey and Mary Applebaum – the Bloomie salon has as an extensive range of beauty experts as it has an extensive range of professional skin care services!

Mary Fruition
Beauty Expert
Before setting up her own salon, Mary's been working at a prestigious SPA venue in North Carolina... There she was able to save a sufficient
Mary Applebaum
Beauty Expert
From those summer days of 1998 on, Mary's been instrumental in expanding absolutely every single aspect of the salon's features to its best. The number
Emily Nichols
Beauty Expert
Emily's career as a SPA care specialist has spanned to include work at numerous prestigious salons across the US. But after moving with her family
Emily Grey
Beauty Expert
Since then she's been a vital member of the staff, gaining wide recognition from our customers for her skills and a universal acclaim from all
Stacy Blunt
Beauty Expert
The reason why Stacy is so natural with everything regarding skin's health and skin care treatments may have to do with her prior medical degree...
Stacy Rikkoh
Beauty Expert
Now, as a vital member of our SPA & skin care salon's team, Stacy proves herself to be probably the best facial care specialist that
Danielle Jones
Beauty Expert
Her skills and her positive style of work have swiftly made her our leading specialist in the feet and hands treatment fields! Her enthusiasm and
Danielle Harbin
Beauty Expert
Also, Danielle is the head of our SPA salon's Gentlemen's services department. That service is unique, as currently we're the only SPA facility in the

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